Posted on: July 13, 2012 8:33 pm

Bobby Bowden-The Most NCAA Football Wins

Does coach Bobby Bowden, now have the most wins. He lost 14 due to the academics scandal. How many does Joe Paterno lose for his lack of integrity?
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Posted on: March 26, 2011 10:32 pm

Who wins the NCAA Tourney

I'd like to get everyones opinion on the NCAA Tournament. I would like to know how everyone's brackets are doing? Who win it all and why?

My brackets - well theres more red than there is green. They are messed up. I had North Carolina playing Duke in East West Final and North Carolina winning that game. In the Southwest, Southeast I had Kansas playing Florida with Kansas winning. For the final I had Kansas winning it all.

Why, they had a great year at 35-2, one lost was to Texas(#10) and in state rival Kansas State(away). According to the RPI breakdown. 
Strength of Schedule and RPIHomeAwayNeutralSOSSOS RankRPIRPI RankAll Division I games (32-2)17-19-16-00.594090.67931Conference games (17-2)7-17-13-00.5871530.66401Non-conference D-I games (15-0)10-02-03-00.5562330.66722It's not like they had an easy schedule to get to the NCAA Tournament. They have been tested. It's just a gut feeling. But, since my brackets aren't doing well, I might have just jinxed Kansas.  
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Posted on: September 25, 2010 8:04 pm

Terrible Referring???

There have been some very questionable calls for the underdog teams this week. FLorida State and Wake Forest had 3 very questionable calls. Alabama vs Arkansas saw the pass interference call where the ball wasn't catchable. All the Bama player did was cut off his route he was in that there before the Razorback was. Oklahoma vs Cincinnati, the Oaklahoma guy was tackled, he fumbles, he recovers his fumble, is tackled again. Then another Bearcat comes in very late and no call. The Sooner assistant coach goes beserk and gets called?

I'm sure there has been more that I haven't seen, but these were the main games I have watched so far?

What is everyone's opinion? Or other calls that should of been made or shouldn't have been called?
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